Q - Can I Fix My Credit On My Own

A - Absolutely! We heard a good quote once. "If fixing your own credit is so easy then why doesn't everyone have good credit?" This is more true than we like to believe. In most situations when fixing credit you have to use the right tools at the the right time, if not it could result in losing the only opportunity you had to resolve the accounts that were affecting your credit report. 

Q - How Do You Fix Bad Credit?

A - The Process we use to bad fix credit is no secret. We audit the credit bureaus to ensure your right are being followed along with utilizing the tools and resources we created that ensure you receive best results.

Q - Am I Charged If I don't See Results?

A - NO! If you don't any type of results you are never charged for our services. We must warn you though, we have NEVER had one client that has not seen results. The reason for this is that pride ourselves on good customer care and we will not sign up a new client if we have any doubt that we can not help them. 

Q - What Type Of Accounts Can Help With

A - We have an amazing process in place to handle all types of accounts if needed. Certain account require more attention than others but no matter the type of account we have a process in place to show results. Trust us, we have seen it all. 

Q - What Separates You From Your Competition? 

A - Although we love to compete and would never avoid a good challenge, we do not know of any company that we would consider our competition at the present time. The process and tools we use are not used by any other company. Most of programs we currently have in place are created by us have not been released to anyone outside of our company. As you know not every credit report is the same. We create each product based on the needs of the client and the items that should be address on the report in order to see the best results. 

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